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US Army Combat Developments Cmd Experimentation Cmd (USCDCEC)  1968-69, Ft. Ord, California

Page 1.80

  Following my 5-year overseas tour in Frankfurt, Germany, I was assigned to the Information Office of USCDCEC at Fort Ord, CA as the Information Supervisor of its Information Office.
he unit, with HQ at Ft Ord, California, was the Army's premiere highly sophisticated electronic field lab which tested simulated combat operations for tactical effectiveness; testing was done at Hunter Liggett Military Reservation (HLMR), about 85 miles south. The Army combat units (Armor, Infantry, Artillery) participating in the tests were stationed at nearby Camp Roberts.

  CDCEC employed many assigned scientific advisors from Stanford Research Institute and later Litton Industries  who used clipboard, stopwatch, sophisticated telemetry and communications instrumentation to record and send data to a large mobile computer complex and field lab on the hill for analysis.
  Subjects of field testing, for example, were to optimize size of infantry squad,  configuration of foxhole,  weapons fire accuracy, and approach tactic for low-flying helicopters to avoid detection by enemy.



(1) M60 tank participating in a field test at Hunter Liggett


(2) One of the many VIP visitors to CDCEC, MG Stoner, talks with a CDEC infantrymen during a field test at HLMR


(3) Conference of Scientific Advisors (SA) from Litton Scientific Support Lab (SSL) at discussing a field test


(4) SA Alvin of Litton SSL reads a printout of scientific field test data


(5) My Information Office staff at HQ, CDCEC.


(6) The mission at Hunter Liggett


(7) Nacimiento Reservoir near Paso Robles offered excellent recreation for the CDCEC personnel at HLMR and Camp Roberts (here: our kids on the kayak)
(8) High up in a cherry picker for better perspective during a photo assignment at CDCEC, Ft Ord

Photographer not known

(9) Team work: CDCEC Information Office photographer Lipscomb and writer Miller


(10) Our Scherp family on wheels at Ft Ord, California, (L-R) Ralph, Waltraud, Steven, and Wolfgang
(11) The famous auto raceway Laguna Seca, near Monterey, is only a few miles from Ft Ord , and draws large crowds on race days
(12) The nearby and picturesque harbor of Monterey; across the bay is the military base of Ft Ord


(13) The military band of Ft Ord in 1968


(14) Fall-cleanup at our military quarters at Ft Ord, Normandy Road


(15) My promotion to SFC (E7), BG Roecker, CG, and Waltraud, my wife.

US Army Photo

(16) Aerial view of Ft Ord, ca 1969; looking north