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Get-together of Tankers from Co D, 33rd Tnk Bn

  A small "reunion" was hosted by Jimmy and Doris Wood the summer of 2000 at their home at Wellston, Ohio, for  former members of Co D, 33rd Tank Bn. All had been  tankers in the unit during the 1955 to '57 years.  They had trained together at Fort Knox in '55 and then sailed with the division to Germany in June '56 where they were stationed with CCB at Gelnhausen, Germany.
  According to Jimmy Wood, they all enjoyed this first-ever meeting. They looked at old photos and had each other much to tell. The highlight of the get-together was when Jimmy took the men out to a  chicken fight where all had a 'hell of a good time.'  At the same time Doris Wood took the ladies to the movies. 
  Plans are underway for another get-together sometime in 2001.  For more information contact Joseph Gomez by phone at 770-965-1285, or by e-mail at 

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(1) Six former members (1955-58) of Co D, 33rd Tank Bn, 3rd AD, met for an informal reunion hosted by the Woods.

Photo provided by J.Wood

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(2) Looking at old photos brought back many memories of Fort Knox and Gelnhausen, Germany.
(L-R) Jim Wood, "Skip" Di Mario, Edward Grillot and Joseph Gomez.

Photo provided by J.Wood

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(3) Posing with the ladies
(L-R) Vinnie Sofo, Ed Sofo, Joseph Masznik, 'Skip' Di Mario, Kay Di Mario, Doris Wood

Photo provided by J.Wood