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Coleman Kaserne - Photo Page 2

Coleman.jpg (144048 bytes)

(1) Aerial view (ca '97) of the old Coleman Kaserne partly renovated and changed for civilian use. The town of Roth is shown in the background.

GelnhausWest.jpg (111030 bytes)

(2) View of the Gelnhausen from the trail above the city, looking west down the Kinzig River valley.

ColBksSign.jpg (57867 bytes)

(3) This old sign on the road outside the main gate shows the old unit designations of the CCB units then (ca '56). Most units were later redesignated.
(photo source unknown)

XmsGate.jpg (82442 bytes)

(4) The main gate of Coleman Kaserne decorated for Christmas (ca '57).

SteinheimTank.jpg (65869 bytes)

(5) Good German-American Relations:  1LT Hal Parks, D/33rd, helps the mayor of Steinheim climb on his M-48 tank for a ride across the Main River bridge at Steinheim.

57OldKasBldg.jpg (87702 bytes)

(6) Some of the CCB units were housed in the old WW-II German troop buildings that once were occupied by the German 9th Tank Destroyer Battalion (see their photos elsewhere)

CBOben.jpg (57444 bytes)

(7) View of the newer buildings at Coleman Kaserne as seen from the hills.

Col_Construction2_51_x.jpg (61860 bytes)

The next 6  photos (#8-13) are rare, historical shots kindly provided by Chuck Thompson who was stationed from '49 to '52 in the Fulda and Gelnhausen areas with the 14th Armored Cav. 
More of Chuck's rare photos with informative captions you can view in the EPSON PHOTO CENTER web site where he maintains an album:

(8) In ca '51 the five newer troop barracks were constructed to enlarge Coleman Kaserne (called Panzerjaeger Kaserne before).

Aer-PJ-Kaserne1950_4_x.jpg (60847 bytes)

(9) Aerial photo of Coleman Kaserne in '50. The newer 5 troop Kaserne, the PX and Snackbar buildings, and the later Main Gate (at the PX) did not exist yet. The main gate at this time is shown at the bottom off (highway 40.)

GN_4InfHQ.jpg (83792 bytes)

(10) Before the 3rd AD's Combat Command B arrived at Coleman Kaserne, the Kaserne was occupied by the units shown on this sign outside the gate -- HQ 14th Armored Cav; 12th Inf Rgt and 42 FA, both of the 4th Inf Div. (Photo was taken about 1950)

Aer_BuedingenKas1950_x.jpg (41124 bytes)

(11) South-looking aerial view of the Buedingen Kaserne where later the 3rd AD's 83rd Recon Bn was located. In the distance the town of Rotenbergen.

SteamRoller50.jpg (72646 bytes)

(12) An old-time German steam roller (at an unidentified kaserne) as used by the civilian construction contractors who built many of the U.S. military barracks in the early '50s.

Ffm_Inside_x.jpg (57303 bytes)

(13) Inside shot (1950) of the Frankfurt Railroad Station (Hauptbahnhof). Many of the GIs during their stay in Germany would come through this railroad station.