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Coleman Kaserne 3: Tests, Training and Exercises

EyesRight.jpg (62709 bytes)

(1) View of tanks of 33rd Armor and CCB Hq in the back

Mntparads30.jpg (28617 bytes)

(2) Tanks of 33rd Armor pass the reviewing stand during a 3d AD mounted parade at Hanau

TNKBARRKS30.JPG (54345 bytes)

(3) Bore-sighting training on the M-48 tanks in front of our barracks at Coleman Kaserne, Gelnhausen

MnvrRpr30s.jpg (32130 bytes)

(4)  33rd Armor maneuver damage repair team under CPT Young help keep damage claims down by repairing minor tank track damage themselves during an FTX between Frankfurt and Gelnhausen, ca. '57

Shoklet.jpg (33378 bytes)

(5) Curious German kids would often be spectators during the FTX activities in the German countryside. Friendly GI's were known to be generous with candy. 

APCSWIMS40.JPG (40489 bytes)

(6) Amphibious training with floating Armored Personnel Carriers (APC) was conducted at Campo Pond, Hanau

Chowline.jpg (30637 bytes)

(7) Chow time during an FTX in the Gelnhausen area.  A hot meal rather than cold C-rations was always welcome to the troops in the field

Flwrgirl.jpg (30756 bytes)

(8) GI's like kids -- during a convoy stop in a small German village, this little German girl shyly gave a soldier from 33d Armor some flowers. Wherever GI stopped they would quickly be surrounded by German children.

TanksWoods30.jpg (45158 bytes)

(9) Tanks of Co D, 33rd Tank Bn, in their alert area near Langenselbold


TkMudSt.jpg (136841 bytes)

(10) An M48 tank moves on a road near Buedingen during a field exercise

Bernbach_MG-Range1.jpg (39717 bytes)

(11) A tank of Co C, 1MTB/33 at the Bernbach firing range near Gelnhausen

Photo and info provided by Chuck Bolliger

tnks_rdmarch.jpg (41674 bytes)

(12) Tanks of Co C, 1MTB/33 on a narrow country road near Gelnhausen

Photo and info provided by Chuck Bolliger

Tight.jpg (81706 bytes)

(13) A tight squeeze on the road near Hanau during a readiness test.

FoersterDog.jpg (48962 bytes)

(14) German Forstmeister: Movement of vehicles and troops in the state-owned forests was often coordinated with the German forest rangers.






Note:  Most of these photos show activities of my company, Co D, 33rd Tank Battalion.