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Fort Knox - the Armor Center

Fort Knox, Kentucky

Ft. Knox, a large military base about 30 miles south of Louisville, Kentucky,  is the Armor Center of the U.S. Army. 

Pictures and words of my new experiences

    The following photo pages show our military life at Co D, 33rd Tank Battalion. 
I was already an avid photographer and always had a camera along.  With the commander's permission a buddy and I converted a vacant broom closet into a make-shift photo lab for processing our black-and-white photos. Or we used the excellent Ft. Knox photo crafts shop.

I'm in the Army now

Military life --- our first weeks at Ft Knox, unlearning civilian life and learning "the Army way."  More than 12,000 young  recruits arrived and were placed into their new home, the newly activated 3d Armored Division and its brigades, battalions and companies or batteries and platoons. My unit --- Company D, 33rd Tank Battalion.


Basic Training & Armor Training

Training, and more training --- to save time, our Basic and Advanced Training were combined and given by our own cadre. Next, we learned  to use our new tools and techniques --- the M-47 tank and its 50 tons of cold steel, weapons, ammo, bivouac, field exercises, guard duty, and kitchen police (KP).

Movement to Germany

In Spring '56 the training goals were reached and division was found combat-ready. The long awaited move of the 16,000 men to Germany, called Operation Gyroscope, was well prepared and we were ready to move to the Frankfurt area.  First by train to Brooklyn Army Terminal, then on troop ships for the 9-day voyage to Bremerhaven, Germany. Finally, we (CCB) arrived by troop train at Gelnhausen, our new home overseas.




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