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Movement of 3d AD troops 
from Fort Knox to Germany

Conex30.jpg (31505 bytes)

(1) Weeks before our departure for Germany, huge CONEX boxes were filled and loaded on trucks for ocean shipment.


Assemble.jpg (47087 bytes)

(2) Soldiers of D/33 assemble outside the Kaserne at Ft Knox to begin their movement to Germany in the spring of '56.


buses30.JPG (60446 bytes)

(3) Soldiers of D/33 board buses


OnTrain.jpg (47741 bytes)

(4) On the troop train from Ft Knox to Brooklyn Army Terminal to Bremerhaven, Germany.


sundeck_t.jpg (51540 bytes)

(5) Soldiers of CCB, 3d Armored Division  enjoy the sunshine on deck of the USS Buttner during their voyage from New York to Bremerhaven, Germany.


SeaGrp30.JPG (29313 bytes)

(6) Soldiers of D/33rd pose for a group photo on deck during their voyage from New York to Bremerhaven, Germany.


ShipBMRHVN.jpg (55471 bytes)

(7) A last look from the troop train at the USS Buttner that took us across the Atlantic to Bremerhaven, Germany.


NewTnks.jpg (49714 bytes)

(8) Brand new M48 tanks are awaiting our arrival at CCB, Gelnhausen


Pushing.jpg (54036 bytes)

(9) Pushing in the chow line during the voyage are soldier from D/33rd.

ButtnerTrain.jpg (68932 bytes)

(10) The troops are getting off the USS Buttner at Bremerhaven and board a troop train for Gelnhausen.

ByeGelnhsn.jpg (50488 bytes)

(11) The railroad station (Bahnhof) at Gelnhausen.


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