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[33d Armor]

[7th Sig Bde]



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At Fort Knox

Darkroom.jpg (30390 bytes)

(1) The small darkroom we established in the broom closet of our Kaserne at Fort Knox. Here we developed our film and made prints with the enlarger,  Winter '55


Guardgrp.jpg (99455 bytes)

(2) Getting ready to go on guard duty at Fort Knox.


1oilpix.jpg (7697 bytes)

(3) The photo that was made for the 3d AD Yearbook


Beergrp1.jpg (26360 bytes)

(4) A beer party in our messhall


Guidon.jpg (76066 bytes)

(5) Holding our company's guidon



(6) At the Poorman Infiltration Course, where at the end of our Basic Training we had to crawl under live machine gun fire.

LETTERMAIL.JPG (8446 bytes)

(7) Receiving mail at the end of the day was something to look forward to..

1oldtnk_t.jpg (59200 bytes)

(8) Inside an old WW-I French tank at the Patton Museum, Fort Knox.

1cuport.jpg (15560 bytes)

(9) Tankers carry a caliber .45 pistol instead of a rifle.

1CaveGrp23.jpg (57414 bytes)

(10) Several members of our unit took a bus to tour the famous Mammoth Caves nearby (5/30/56)