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Photos of Myself at Gelnhausen

1TANKER40.JPG (30882 bytes)

(1) At the 3AD mounted parade at Hanau, ca. '57


1_Baers30.jpg (21791 bytes)

(2) With buddies Baxter and Childers posing with a "polar bear" while off-post.

Photo by German Vendor

1_Gate_SP.jpg (25086 bytes)

(3) In the Civilian Pass Control shack at the Coleman Kaserne main gate, where civilians would get their entry passes to come on post.


Heli1Star.jpg (25444 bytes)

(4) Holding up a "one star" (Brigadier General) sign before a helicopter flight, ca '57

MouthHarpss30.jpg (24216 bytes)

(5) Playing a duet on the mouth-harp with a buddy, Harmon Lewis, in the Kaserne, ca '56


WolfWalkings30.jpg (20843 bytes)

(6) Walking to Gelnhausen near the Coleman Kaserne main gate, policy required when off-post you had wear either Class A uniform or suit and tie;  ca '56

WolfDrk.jpg (49509 bytes)

(7) At the Kaserne; ca. '57


1_D6Jeep30s.jpg (40495 bytes)

(8) After our arrival in Germany, I soon became  the driver for our "old man", the company CO, primarily because I spoke German fluently and could ask Germans for directions when we got lost!

1_guejeep.JPG (43131 bytes)

(9) In my jeep and with my brother, Guenter, a law student at Marburg U, who visited me at Coleman Kaserne and even slept in our billets overnight until the MP's found out and escorted him off-post, ca. '57