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[33d Armor]

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Ft Knox, '55/56

8BALL.JPG (73770 bytes)

(1) Each new recruit got a close military haircut

ScherpPhoto, '55

March2church50.JPG (61124 bytes)

(2) New recruits of D/33rd are being marched to the chapel on Sunday morning.

ScherpPhoto, '55

1oldtnk_t.jpg (59200 bytes)

(3) Inside an old WWI French tank at the Patton Museum.

ScherpPhoto, '55

BEERCANGRP.JPG (33839 bytes)

(4) Party-time at Co D, 33d Tank Bn: Celebrating the completion of "Operation Hercules"

ScherpPhoto, '55

HEATrnd.JPG (30453 bytes)

(5) Holding a 90mm high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) round

ScherpPhoto, '55

flygees60jpg.jpg (24738 bytes)

(6) The "flying geese" in the gunner's sight range finder must be moved back and forth until they appear to be over the target to determine the distance

ScherpPhoto, '55

Toilet.jpg (69993 bytes)

(7) Scherp (L) and Tomlinson (R) practice field sanitation on bivouac -- first you dig a hole...

ScherpPhoto, '55


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