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Coleman Kaserne - Photo Page 1

ColBksAer_t.jpg (111781 bytes)

(1) Aerial view of Coleman Kaserne, ca '58

photo from a postcard

GNHsg.jpg (110979 bytes)

(2) Aerial view of Gelnhausen, ca '58

photo from a postcard

GnMainGate2.jpg (65625 bytes)

(3) Main gate of Coleman Kaserne, '57
ScherpPhoto, '57

UP-Jeep.jpg (68212 bytes)

(4) A Unit Policeman and his jeep.
ScherpPhoto, '59

WhiteCastle_x.jpg (47670 bytes)

(5) A landmark and popular outings restaurant on the North slope overlooking the city of Gelnhausen is the "Schloesschen", also known as the "white castle" to GIs. From here you enjoy a nice view of Gelnhausen and the entire Kinzig river valley.
'58 Photo provided by Ray Moose

LardinBye.jpg (59847 bytes)

(6,7) Farewell parade for departing CCB commander, COL Lardin (right), standing next to the 3rd Armored Division commander, MG Porter.

ScherpPhoto, '57

ColemanParades30.jpg (36355 bytes)
FritzHns.jpg (52239 bytes)

(8) Kurt Laubach (left) and Fritz Sparrwald (right) were instructors at the Coleman Special Services Crafts Shop where soldiers could enjoy such hobbies as photography, woodworking and leather crafts.
ScherpPhoto, '56

fotogrp.jpg (62941 bytes)

(9) Kurt Laubach, photo craft-shop instructor, teaches a class on photo oil coloring.
ScherpPhoto, '57

Tailors.jpg (20176 bytes)

(10) Two company tailors (C and D/33): For several years after our arrival in Germany, each company hired a civilian tailor to make uniform alterations and sew on stripes; civilian KP's were also hired and their pay collected from the soldiers
ScherpPhoto, '56

Bcks_Sunrise.jpg (50873 bytes)

(11) Dawn at Coleman:  Getting up early you would sometimes see spectacular sunrises as seen from our barracks, with CCB HQ in the foreground and the city of Gelnhausen in the valley behind.

SFCCarlsonCCB.jpg (53250 bytes)

(12) SFC Carlson, S3 Office, CCB, was the coordinator for all Unit Police activities pertaining to civilian pass control.
ScherpPhoto, '57

Spit_sh.jpg (53025 bytes)

(13) Getting ready for the next day -- polishing the boots.

Cards.jpg (64141 bytes)

(14) Off-duty: Passing the evening with a game of dice.

Ffm_Hauptbahnhof_x.jpg (44294 bytes)

(15) Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof:  Most GIs stationed in Germany at one time or another would come through the Frankfurt Main Railroad Station. From here trains would leave for many destination in Germany and Europe.
'58 Photo provided by Ray Moose

GNfromHill_x.jpg (65209 bytes)

(16) Another scenic view from the North slope across Gelnhausen, Altenhasslau and the countryside to the south. A lot of the green fields shown here have been built-up and the smaller towns have been merged into Gelnhausen.
'58 Photo provided by Ray Moose


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