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Coleman Kaserne Photos 4:  Police -- MP, SP, UP, Polizei

M_&Wife_x.jpg (55137 bytes)

Note: Many of the following photos (as marked) were provided by Ray Moose, who as an artilleryman of Battery B, 65th FA, served with the SP (Special Police) mostly as a desk sergeant at the police station. Ray is retired now and lives with his wife Diane in Kent, near Seattle, Washington. 


(1) Since there were not enough MPs (Military Police) available, CCB augmented the MPs with its own "auxiliary" police force, usually called SP (Special Police) or later, UP (Unit Police) The members were drawn for special duty from the various CCB units and had pretty much the same authority as the regular MPs.
ScherpPhoto '59

M_DskSgt_x.jpg (25983 bytes)

(2) Ray Moose as desk sergeant, who controls the police activities at Coleman Kaserne and is in radio contact with his patrols.
'58 Photo provided by Ray Moose 

Polizist_Stephan_x.jpg (20022 bytes)

(3) German Policeman: The Special Police at Coleman Kaserne had excellent relations with the German Police at Gelnhausen. Police Sergeant Stephan (shown) is a close friend of Ray Moose.
'58 Photo provided by Ray Moose 

ConvoyCtrl_x.jpg (26020 bytes)

(4)  Directing Traffic: SP Ray Moos (right) near Gelnhausen-Hoechst is directing a convoy of track vehicles (Armored Personnel Carriers) on the way to the Grafenwoehr training area.
'58 Photo provided by Ray Moose 

Patrol_Swaney_x.jpg (37777 bytes)

(5) Joint MP/SP Patrol:  MP Swaney and his partner SP Radcliff pose with their patrol jeep.
'58 Photo provided by Ray Moose 

Gassner&Cox_x.jpg (40817 bytes)

(6) Off-Duty: Sp Fred Gassner (left) and MP James R. Cox are walking past a Gelnhausen gasthaus. Gassner, fluent in German, is one of the interpreters on the staff of the SPs.
'58 Photo provided by Ray Moose  

BrauhausBeer_x.jpg (25003 bytes)

(7) Good Stuff: SPs Jim Greer (left) and outside a Gelnhausen gasthaus pointing out a sign showing their favorite German beer.
'58 Photo provided by Ray Moose

UP-Group_x.jpg (42148 bytes)

(8) UPs at the Station: An group of unidentified UPs pose at the Coleman Kaserne police station. 
ScherpPhoto, '59

CB_MGate_x.jpg (25358 bytes)

(9) An SP gate guard checks ID and pass check at the Main Gate.
ScherpPhoto, '58

GnMainGate2_x.jpg (36763 bytes)

(10) Another view of the Main Gate. The white building on the left houses the PX, Class-VI Store, barber shop and the laundry pick-up. The small brick building on the left is the Civilian Pass Control where nonmilitary visitors would get their guest passes.
ScherpPhoto, '58

M_GrpDrinks_x.jpg (29800 bytes)

(11) Enjoying the "Gemuetlichkeit" (cozy atmosphere) at a German gasthaus are Ray Moose and some friends. Many of the GIs at Gelnhausen enjoyed their off-duty time sight-seeing or meeting their friends at a gasthaus (restaurant) for a good "Schnitzel" (cutlet) and a few drinks.
'58 Photo provided by Ray Moose

FourBikers_x.jpg (36847 bytes)

(12) Bikers: Ray Moose (left) and fellow bikers Langley, Pruden and Brandon stop near Langendiebach during a bike tour. Some of the Coleman Kaserne GIs had bought German and British motorbikes to get around and enjoy the countryside
'58 Photo provided by Ray Moose

M&RoadCrew_x.jpg (39533 bytes)

(13) Prost (cheers): Ray Moose riding his German Horex motorbike to nearby Buedingen stops to chat with a German road maintenance crew on their morning break and is offered a beer. German worker often enjoyed a bottle of beer (with flip-caps) over coffee or soft drinks. 
'57 Photo provided by Ray Moose 

M_BikeMill_x.jpg (55081 bytes)

(14)  Sight-seeing: Ray Moose riding around on his motorbike stops at an old mill and its waterfall between Lieblos and Meerholz
'57 Photo provided by Ray Moose

T-Bird_x.jpg (24315 bytes)

(15)  MP Kieser and SP Reynolds, both with the Special Police at Coleman Kaserne, Gelnhausen, pose with a Ford Tunderbird in the Snack-bar parking lot.
'57 Photo provided by Ray Moose

GassUP_x.jpg (41936 bytes)

(16)  SP Fred Gassner, at the Civilian Pass Control station where he worked. Being fluent in German, his language skills were often used to interpret between non-English speaking visitors or German police and the military police. 
ScherpPhoto, '58

VWCrash1_x.jpg (38544 bytes)

(17)  Accident near Meerholz: The Coleman Kaserne UPs sometime were called to serious traffic accidents on German roads. Here a heavy U.S. tank-transport truck crunched a German VW and killing its driver.
ScherpPhoto, '58