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Gelnhausen Photos:  Other

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(1) Aerial view of the former Coleman Kaserne in '96 after it reverted to possession by the German Federal government which used it as housing for foreign asylum seekers

Aerial Photo by Haessler

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(2) Ammo dump on the hill behind Coleman Kaserne

Photographer unknown


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(3) Added to the original German Kaserne, in the early '50s were the new buildings.  Those shown in the back (right) were built in the '70s.  (Photo taken ca. '96)


A Glance Back: The following photos show the Gelnhausen Garrison, completed in '36 and occupied by the German Army's 9th Anti-Tank Battalion (P-9) before WW-II. The unit during the war fought in France and Russia and many of its members did not come home... (from the book "Die Panzer-Abwehrabteilung 9 in Gelnhausen und ihr Schicksal, 1935-45" by Gerhard Freund, Maerchenstrassen-Verlag, 1996. The excellently written book, in German, documents the unit's events in eyewitness stories from its activation at Gelnhausen to its actions in combat in the war from which it never returned.)

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(4) Anti-tank gun (Pak 37mm) demonstration open to the public on Armed Forces Day '37 at the Gelnhausen garrison 
(Photo by Woerner)

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(5) The garrison with the six company Kaserne and the maintenance area shortly before completion in '36  (Photo by K. Forelle)

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(6) New recruits of P-9 marching through the narrow Roether Gasse to the Kaiserpfalz (Gelnhausen castle) for the swearing-in ceremony 

P9Burg.JPG (40742 bytes)

(7) Swearing-in ceremony: The P-9 companies and the new recruits in formation inside the castle Kaiserpfalz  courtyard
(Photo by K. Forelle)

P9Band.JPG (30623 bytes)


(8,9,10) Opening ceremony of the new Gelnhausen Garrison on Oct 6, 1936 
(Photos by Gelnhausen City Archives)


In a ceremony celebrated by dignitaries, high-ranking military and the Gelnhausen population, the troops of P-9 move through the streets of Gelnhausen to their home for the next years, the Gelnhausen garrison




(11) The Honor Guards of P-9 in formation



(12) The soldiers are marching to the parade field

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(13) Today, in the Gelnhausen city park a simple monument reminds of the fallen soldiers of P-9