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Grafenwoehr Photo Page 1

Vilseck.jpg (63328 bytes)

(1) Main gate to Vilseck Training area; ca. '57

ScherpPhoto, 62k

TkConvoys30.jpg (47366 bytes)

(2) Our tanks on a road march keeping the right distance between them, at the tank training center at Grafenwoehr/Vilseck; ca '57

ScherpPhoto, 47k

TkRange1.jpg (38606 bytes)

(3) Firing our tanks at the tank firing range at Grafenwoehr/Vilseck, ca '57

ScherpPhoto, 38k

TanksWoods.jpg (55081 bytes)

(4) M-48 tank in defensive position during an FTX at Grafenwoehr, ca '57

ScherpPhoto, 54k

TkFiring2.jpg (44765 bytes)

(5) Checking the target with binoculars after a 90mm round has been fired, annual tank firing at Grafenwoehr/Vilseck; ca. '57

ScherpPhoto, 44k

Tkfiring.jpg (37046 bytes)

(6) Commence fire --- the red flag on the turret signals that the M-48 tank is firing live rounds with its 90mm gun during the annual tank firing at Grafenwoehr/Vilseck; ca. '57

ScherpPhoto, 37k

vilgrp.jpg (42926 bytes)

(7) Tankers of Co D, 33rd Tank Bn, are taking a break after a move to a new position during an FTX at Grafenwoehr; ca '57
ScherpPhoto, 42k 

M48a1s30.jpg (28723 bytes)

(8) An M48 at Vilseck Tank Training Center
ScherpPhoto, 29k

Tks2Stuck30s.JPG (61212 bytes)

(9) Two tanks of Co D are deeply stuck in the swampy ground during training at Vilseck.  It's the job of the VTR team to winch them out from a position of higher ground.  
ScherpPhoto, 60k

TkStuckCO.jpg (47715 bytes)

(10) Tank 151 during an FTX at Grafenwoehr hit a ditch and swampy ground and got stuck. 
ScherpPhoto, 47k

Tkstuck2.jpg (56652 bytes)

(11) Another view of tank 151 stuck in a ditch.
ScherpPhoto, 56k

HitTrack.jpg (42357 bytes)

(12) n M48 tank of D/33 on a icy road hit a tree knocking off the track and its compensating idler wheel,  Winter '56

(13) A tank is deeply stuck in the mud and the winch cable from a nearby VTR on higher ground is being hooked up to begin the recovery. The weather during this FTX at Grafenwoehr had been miserable -- cold and rainy every day. 
ScherpPhoto, 63k

TnkZug.jpg (45517 bytes)

(14) Training is finished and the tanks are being loaded at Grafenwoehr on railroad cars for movement back to Gelnhausen 
ScherpPhoto, 61k

FiringAtGraf40.jpg (51400 bytes)

(15) Co C, 33rd Armor, at the tank gunnery ranges Grafenwoehr
Photo received from Chuck Bolliger

TkSlipry30s.JPG (47705 bytes)

(16) Another view of the accident scene where a  lid on an icy road and hit a tree,   Winter '56
ScherpPhoto, 47k


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Note:  Most of these photos show activities of my company, Co D, 33rd Tank Battalion.