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Grafenwoehr Photo Page 2

GrafHsg30s.jpg (61333 bytes)

(1) 3d Armored Division soldiers in front of  their temporary billets at Grafenwoehr; ca '56


JeepLost30s.jpg (41559 bytes)

(2) CPT Purvis, CO, Co D, 33rd Armor,  and two of his officers are checking the map before moving their unit out to a new location during training exercises at Grafenwoehr, ca '56

Feeling.jpg (33543 bytes)

(3) Roby Osman, a mechanic in D/33, applies his magic to keep the engine running.


M48Front.jpg (63484 bytes)

(4) Front view of M48 tank


M48Rear.jpg (60643 bytes)

(5) Rear view of M48 tank; the box in the center houses the handset for the interphone allowing communication with the crew inside the tank.


MGTarget.jpg (45596 bytes)

(6) This old WW-II US tank served as a moving machine gun target on the firing range, ca '57


RhoeCUp.jpg (61270 bytes)

(7) SP4 Rhoe, a tanker from Co D, 33rd Tank Bn, at Grafenwoehr


TkFireRg.jpg (58896 bytes)

(8) M48 tanks getting ready to fire the main gun on the firing range.


TankFire3.jpg (26922 bytes)

(9-11) An M-48 caught fire while refueling on maneuvers. On a hot day the pressure in the jettison barrels built up shooting a stream of fuel onto the hot rear deck muffler. The tank commander, Sgt Crews, was hospitalized with burns. The fire was put out.

Photos and information provided by Chuck Bolliger

TANKFIRE1.JPG (19387 bytes)
Tankfire2.jpg (27863 bytes)

(12) Critique:  After a completed tank training attack at Grafenwoehr, CPT Purvis, CO of Co D, 33rd Tank Bn, critiques the performance of his tankers with his Platoon Leaders, the Platoon Sergeants and the Tank Commanders.