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The Scherp Web Site   (Page 1.0)

Purpose: To keep visitors informed on Wolfgang's and Waltraud's events and activities and to share with others Wolfgang's memories and experiences of a 26-year US-Army career (1955-81).  
Note:  Starting out in his web site efforts, Wolfgang will first create the photo pages of his time with 33d Armor at Ft. Knox and Gelnhausen (Germany) to be followed later with other photos he has taken in the USA, Europe and Vietnam during his military service as a tanker, photographer and  photo-journalist. 


Enjoying the California sunshine at Fairfield near the Napa wine region

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After retirement in 1998, Wolfgang and Waltraud moved from Chicago to Fairfield, California to enjoy the better climate.

About us:  Wolfgang, born and raised in Kassel, Germany, was drafted into the US Army in 1955 and retired in 1981. He then worked for another 17 years as a civilian for the government in computers (technical writer, programmer/ analyst).
Waltraud, from Biebergemuend near Frankfurt, Germany, spent many years as a military wife and the last 20 in managing bridal shops.

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